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  • Markusic
  • Isella
  • Zabiyaka
Tom Markusic
Tom Markusic
CEO Firefly Aerospace
Prior to co-founding Firefly, Tom served in a variety of technical and leadership roles in new-space companies: Vice President of Propulsion at Virgin Galactic, Senior Systems Engineer at Blue Origin, Director of the Texas Test Site and Principal Propulsion Engineer at SpaceX. Prior to his new-space work, Tom was a civil servant at NASA and the USAF, where he worked as research scientist and propulsion engineer. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.
John Isella
John Isella
Business Development Director
The person who knows both sides: current Director of International Business Development, Firefly Aerospace and prior business development representative for the Yuzhnoye Design Office in the United States. Authored NASA certification plans and requirements. Was the one among the NASA experts who made audit for Space X.
Yuriy Zabiyaka
Yuriy Zabiyaka
Head of Firefly Ukraine
With a practice spanning more than 15 years in the sphere of corporate law, Yuriy now concentrates on space industry and space law in particular. However Yuriy’s passions stem from his entrepreneurial endeavors to change current Ukrainian regulation of the space industry. Being impressed by NewSpace movement he has learned the best experience in the sphere and developed several propositions to be implemented in the existing legislation.